Call for Submissions - QZAP:meta #5

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OK, so this is almost two years old... we never did finish putting out QZAP:meta #5, so we're re-opening the call for submissions.

Submit an article or artwork for the next issue of QZAP:meta (the queer zine about queer zines.) Issue #5 is going to be "The Music Issue", and we're narrowing our focus a little for this one.

We're looking for articles and narratives about how queer zines and queer music connect. More specifically across genres like queercore/queerpunk, riot grrrl, and homo-hop, though please don't let that be the limit.

Some questions to think about:

  • Did queer zines turn you on to certain bands or musicians?
  • Did queer zines help to promote you or your band?
  • In the age of the internet, MySpace, iTunes, etc. what and how do musicians and zines interact?
  • What about fanzines? Do they still exist? Any stories about fanzines specifically?


Other narratives about going to shows, getting or giving zines, etc. are also encouraged.

Ideally we're looking for between 1000 and 3000 words (roughly 2-5 pages), or grayscale images at 300dpi or higher.

Deadline for this issue is February 15th, 2013. We're hoping to get it printed by the beginning of March, 2013. All submitters will get a copy of the zine and a cute QZAP button.

all submissions can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunday the 26th. Custom text here