QZAP Quick Start Guide

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Below you'll find some information about using QZAP, especially the new archive gallery.

  1. To browse the archive click on "Zine Archive"above. The Zine Archive Gallery will load in the center section of the site.  The albums are organized alphabetically.

  2. Click on one of the zine covers to enter the archive section that you want.

  3. From there you can browse by title.  When you find a zine that you're interested in, click on the thumbnail.  The cover will then be magnified.

  4. At the bottom of the enlarged cover there is a link that says "Download Document in Original Format"  Click on that to download the whole zine as a PDF.

  5. An alternative to browsing is to use the "search" box at the upper right.  Search will include the whole site.  For more detailed info on QZAP's search function please see the Search QZAP page.

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