Shame On Pride to all the corporate Pride™®© events that prioritize money and sponsorship over peoples lives.  Shame on you, Toronto Pride.  Shame on you, San Francisco Pride, Shame on you, PrideFest, Inc. in Milwaukee.

Speaking of pride (with a little 'P',) QZAP has always been proud of our roots in Queeruption, Gay Shame, Lah-di-dah, and the other anti-assimilationist and queerpunk events and communities.  This weekend we're going to have a small presence at Filth Fest in Milwaukee, WI.  It's the third year for this  queer punk fest, and they're raising money for Project Q, the local LGBTQ+ youth org.  Our pals Pansy and Lauryl Sulfate and Her Ladies of Leisure are playing, so it should be pretty cool.

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