In light of the kerfuffle surrounding Amnesty International's draft policy on sex worker's human rights we thought we'd highlight a zine by actual sex workers talking about their expieriences.  While we have several zines in the archive talking about sex work, Whorecore is certainly one of our faves.  It's unapologetic  and intersectional in the way that it discusses the issues faced by the folks who made it.

Today's #QZOTD is Sassyfrass Circus #3.  In some ways it's a diary comic, but it's also way more than that.  She talks about a trip to Egypt and Israel,  writes a brief history of Wimmin's Comix, and generally is an illustrative badass. J.Bee is currently the zinester in residence at QZAP.

Today's QZOTD is a diary zine called Montgomery Clift Was Queer.  In it Charlie chronicles some time spent in NYC in 1994, including dumpster diving, musings about Jack Smith, and forrays into record shops to buy jazz records.  It's cinematic and staccato in it's rhythm, and a joy to read.


Tomorrow is International Zine Library Day!!!  It's one of those made-up but totally special holidays created to celebrate zine in libraries and archives, and also the librarians who work with all this amazing material.  You can help us celebrate in a couple of ways: 

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GMS Headbanger first came to QZAP a few years ago. In a collection filled with odd and fascinating things, this grabbed our attention in a big way because heavy metal and folks who love it are not usually associated with queer lives (with some noteable acceptions.) Headbanger is the newsletter of the Chicago Gay Metal Society.  Since we've added this to the collection we've been actively seeking other issues and information about GMS.  So far we've come across a flyer, but not a lot more is known to us.  If you have info or other issues of Headbanger please get in touch!


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