Let Your Freak Flag Fly

It's International ZIne Month!!!  If you're not quite sure what that means, Alex over at Stolen Sharpie Revolution has a list of different zine-related activities for each day of the month.  Our favorite is International Zine Library Day on 21 July.  Speaking of international, here at QZAP we have zines from at least 17 different countries.  Today's QZOTD, Freaky Queer, is from Cardiff, Wales.  A nice slice of early 90s zinemaking that has an interview with Alice from Chumbawumba, anti-war graphics, zine reviews, and other fun things.

Get Wasted

Much has been writen in more mainstream publications of late about the demise of the gay bar.  While that may or may not be true, there is a certain importance to preserving and documenting queer spaces.  These would be the music and performance venues, the hook-up spots and the assignation destinations for our twilight lives.  In WASTED Charolette has created a fanzine and memoir to the lost alternative music spaces for queers in London around the turn of the Millenia.



Though we never wholely forget, we were reminded once again about Queers Read This, the leaflet produced in 1990 anonamously for the NYC Pride March.

This reprint from 2009 had the wonderful forward:
QUEERS READ THIS was distributed as a leaflet at the June 1990 Pride march in New York City. Anonymous queers offer this republication of QUEERS READ THIS as a contribution to the militant queer tendency. We are excited to find a text almost 20 years old that so eloquently expresses the deep anger and the desire lor conNier that we leel every day living in a straight world The authors define straightness as different from heterosexuality. Straightness is a force in the world and inside each of us that we must purge (p2). Straightness is normality. The norm for queer people is to take oppression lying down. These authors urge us to fight back. They ask why, when we are being bashed and killed. we freak out at angry queers who carry banners that say BASH BACK (p15). Of course. we could not agree more. The culrural references in this leaflet are, at times, outdate, but the rage is timeless. - July, 2009

Queers Read This




From Sheytls to Yarmulkes

From Sheytls to Yarmulkes is the newest zine to come to the QZAP digital archive.  It's a look at the lives of a handful of Conservative and Orthodox transgender Jews and an analysis of the how religion and gender identity do or don't fit together.