• Do you have feathers?
  • Do you fantasize about gay dinosaurs?
  • Are you a dinosaur?
  • Are you gay?

If you considered any of these questions for a second, you should totally check out Dinosaurs Had Feathers: A Kinky Gay Dinosaur Coloring Book.  See the mighty Straponasur and hear the roar of the Fucmitilimsaurus.

Dinosaurs Had Feathers: A Kinky Gay Coloring Book

Yes, Ms Davis!

A little fairey (actualy a big bear) let us know that the one and only Ms Vaginal Davis was going to be performing at the Utopias Performance Art Festival in Kingston, Ontario tomorrow.  Because Vag is such an important part of queer zine history we wanted thought it would be good to highlight one of her zines.  Thus, Yes, Ms Davis

Yes, Ms Davis!

If You Can Rope 'Em, You Can Ride 'Em

Cowgrrrl Ink was one of the first zines that got included in the digital archive way back in the day.  A hotbed of feminist and lesbian activism coalescing around a group called The Cowgrrrls from 1994, this seems to be their newsletter/manifesta, and it's fantastic.

Fuh Cole Friday

We don't get to call out 'hometown heros' often at QZAP, so it's with some pleasure that we give you today's zine... Fuh Cole #3.  Made in Milwaukee in the early 90s, this is a great piece of hystory.  It's got everything: rants against Kinkos and fundies, letters to the editor, local tidbits, cut-n-paste and more.