Queers Make Music Zines

We're feeling a bit rock-n-roll today.  Our pals The Shondes are playing down the street from QZAP HQ, and we thought that giving a shout to some queer music might be in order.  Thus, Queers Make Music from 2011.  Interviews, stories and more from Manchester.  Let's turn it up, shall we?

Totally Boobular!

Sometimes we need something fun to get us over a mid-week hump. This week that "thing" is the most excellent Boobular #2.

Friday Fantasy #1

It's been a pretty cold week at QZAP HQ, and seemingly across a lot of North America as well.  Since it's also still February we were thinking some escapist reading was in order.  How about a nice perzine about sex, road trips, being in the woods, and bumperstickers? The Incredibly True Adventures of a Kid and His Starship #1 has that.

Mondays Don't Have To Be A Drag!

Seriously!  Take Sin Bros. #5 for example.  Totally not a drag...